Daily Update

Notes on Episode 3 of Survivor Philippines

Episode 3 of Survivor Philippines showed Day 2 in the life of the castaways. It’s just a continuation of what Episode 2 which is also about Day 2. I was thinking how long the show would be on air if they planned to show one day per episode. That’s 39 episodes or just eight weeks if they’ll be only showing on weekdays. So I thought that this was how they were making the show run longer. By spreading the a day in the island into more than one episode they can make more episodes.

The Naac tribe was relatively peaceful. There wasn’t much goin on in the girls’ camp. Just lots of lying around and resting. I guess Nikki’s laziness has spread to the other girls too. Or maybe they’re just trying to conserve their energy for the next day’s challenge. Another noteworthy scene is remeber from last night is Zita looking her bra. She was a frustrated since the other girls did not seem to care for her things. Bakit daw pag siya, she cares for the things of her tribemates. O well, at least level headed naman itong si Zita. Hindi siya masyadong nagalit. Buti na lang she didn’t blow her fuse. We didn’t need that anyway since there was a lot going on in the other side of the island at the men’s tribe.

For the Jaracay camp, Marlon, the waiter, was still at his not so likable self. In one point he was talking to the driver, Cris, about making an alliance. Marlon was kind of feeling left out since he was seeing that there’s this four guys who seem to have a connection. I think he was talking about Kiko, JC, Jace, and Rob. Marlon was pointing out his disapproval of Kiko. He wasn’t really keen on him since he seems to command at bark orders to even their leader, Gigit. I think Gigit is a nice leader. He seems to command some respect because of his age at mukha naman siya madaling kausap. I guess this early Marlon has been seeing that the ‘rich’ guys have their thing. Kaya siyempre para hindi siya maiwan he has to create an alliance to neutralize these guys. Pero siyempre, feeling pa lang naman niya yun. The four are just busy building the shelter. Natural na they’ll be the one interacting. It wouldn’t mean they have an alliacne until we really see them talk about it.

Another notable thing that happened last night at the Jarakaytribe was Gigit being apologetic about making the fire. He wasn’t able to and all the other guys also tried making a fire but they too failed. In the end, Gigit kind of passed his ‘leader’ powers to Kiko. I don’t really agree with it. I mean Gigit would still be a better choice as a leader since I think he can reach out to the other tribe members better. than Kiko. Jace thought this act from Gigit was just to win the approval of his tribe. We haven’t heard from Marlon about what he thought now that Kiko is in charge. This should be exciting.

Later on tonight, the two tribes will be fighting for the immunity idol. Which camp will win immunity? And which tribe will go to tribal council to vote out one of them?