Daily Update

Episode 5: The First Tribal Council

The reorganized tribes came back to their respective camps. The girls were happy to see that the Jarakay camp was bigger and better than Naak. It seems that the new Jarakay tribe enjoyed their camp as they went to shore to enjoy the waves and swim. Another noteble happening in the Jarakay camp was the love team of Jace and Vern. Jace has a bit of a crush on Vern. And I think Vern likes the idea. I guess what drew Jace to Vern is that Vern is an athlete since Jace is a sporty kind of guy. Let’s just see in the coming days where this leads to.

At the Naak camp, there were a lot of talks. JC was telling the others to vote off Vern since they see her as the main culprit why they lost the immunity challenge. Emerson was trying to feel everyone. He was trying to make a point to the others that JC should go. Most of what happened was kind of like that. As a viewer, I was kind of feeling that it will be either JC or Vern who will be voted off first. It seemed that Emerson also had this Bisaya alliance within Naac. If that were true JC would be in danger.Â

When it was time for tribal council, the castaways were instructed to get their torches and light them up. Â They then sat at an area where Paolo would as them questions. I was surprised by the questions that Paolo asked at the beginning. Ano ba Paolo! Hindi ito showbiz talkshow. I was expecting more of the questions to be about how the castaways are dealing with each other and with their life on the island and how they are playing their game. Buti na lang in the end, ganun na naman yung mga naging questions. Buti na lang.Â

After the discussion, the tribe members were asked to cast their votes. Because there are nine tribe members for the Naac tribe, any person who gets five votes will have to leave the tribal council area and leave the island.  The first vote that was read by Paolo was for Chev. The next vote was for Kaye. The third, fourth, fifth, andf sixth votes were also for Chev. Chev was voted out. She felt bad for being the first to go. She kinda didn’t see it coming so she lashed back at her tribemates by saying ‘I hate you all’ in her final video.

I think this is the best episode of Survivor Philippines so far. The game is on for the members of the Naak tribe as they determine who they’ll vote off from their tribe. Maraing usap usap, bulong bulong, at kung anu-anong pagsusumbong.  Naglalaro na ang mga Castaways ng kampihan. Siyempre sa botohan, kung sino ang madaami sa bilang, siya ang panalo. Kaya kailangan maghanap ng kakampi. Ganito talaga ang Survivor at ito yung hinahanap ko sa Survivor.

Pahabol lang. I think Emerson played great. He was nice to Chev and boom. Chev didn’t see it coming. I hope to see more of these things in the next few episodes.