Daily Update

Episode tonight: John of Jarakay in a stretcher

From the preview last night of what will be show tonight, it seems that John, the auto mechanic, will leave the island for medical reasons. I’m not so sure if he will really leave the competition, but unless he gets well, I think Jarakay might lose him member because of this.  I’m kind of anxious on seeing the show tonight to see what will really happen. I mean Jarakay has kicked the butt of Naak for 5 challenges in a row and then this happens. And also, at the Jarakay camp from last night’s episode, Marlon the waiter is doing an Emerson. If Naak had an Emerson, Marlon is now doing that in Jarakay. Marlon seems to be scheming. He’s in a good position now. He thinks he can be allies with the girls of his tribe while maintaining his alliance with the guys. He is planning to take out Gigit to make the alliance of the guys weaker. However, I’m not so sure if this plan will work out with John succumbing to some sort of physical breakdown. The alliance of the guys will indeed get weaker but not at the expense of Gigit. It’s more likely because John will leave the island.