Daily Update

Makakabalik pa ba si John?

Makakabalik pa ba itong si John sa island? If we base it on the fact na may tribal council na naganap, I guess oo. I mean parang hindi naman logical na may tribal council pa kung nabawas na siya. I hope I make sense. Diba? According to the teaser, Paolo said: “ang pang-anim na boto…. at ang pangatlong napatalsik sa isla…” Someone will b voted off the island. Yun ang sure. Kung sino, yun ang hindi natin alam. I have a few theories. My first theory, John comes back pero siya ang na-vote out. His tribemates have all the reason to vote him out. If he isn’t well, he should rest. Get medical attention and try to get better. I doubt he can get better by staying on the island.  Also, since John isn’t a 100 percent, this should make him a weaker tribemate. If the Jarakay castaways base their votes on who is weakest, I think John should be the weakest at this point in time. My second theory, if not John, Gigit will be voted off the island. I don’t like for this to happen. Pero parang it is a possibilty. Especially with Marlon, polluting the minds of the guys that Gigit is making an alliacne with the girls. Tapos si Marlon din asks the girls to vote out Gigit. If all the girls and one more guy vote for Gigit, then he is finished. It only takes 5 votes. I wouldn’t like for Gigit to get voted out pero if it happens then we shoudl thank (or hate) Marlon for it. My last theory is one girl. Maybe Patani. If you’ve watched the last night’s show and waited for the teaser of the next episode, the camera was focused to Gigit and Patani. This could mean that they may be the most vulnerable Jarakay tribe members in this tribal council. Gigit want Patani out. Gigit has his reasons. Gigit seems to think that Patani is the weakest in the tribe so to make the tribe stronger, they should vote out Patani. Pero ako naman, if I were Gigit, I’ll choose Nikki. I think Nikki is the weakest. She seems to be weaker than Patani. At mukhang tamad pa itong si Nikki. In terms of labor, I think Patani has more to offer than Nikki. Kaya lang ayun nga, mukhang na-persuade na rin itong sila Jace na ang i-vote ay si Patani. Mukhang exciting ang magiging episode mamaya. Sayang lang at I wouldn’t be able to watch it. Hopefully si John na lang sana ang maalis. I think that would be the best scenario for the Jarakay tribe. Kayo? Sino ang feeling niyong maalis mamaya?