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Episode 6: Reward challenge for a flint

Survivor Philippines’ Episode 6 showed the events that happened after the first tribal council, like the aftershocks of the first tribal council and the second reward challenge.

The men of Naak had something to say to Emerson after the tribal council. Natakot yata ang mga guys. I mean they thought they had an alliance and then Emerson makes his own plans. Pero yun nga Emerson backed out from his plan once that his saw that he didn’t have the numbers yet. It was Rob who confornted Emerson about it. Rob said na during the tribal council, kinabahan siya because he didn’t know kung sino ang safe at kung sino ang hindi. The following morning parang lalo pa yatang sumama ang image ni Emerson. The girls naman think that Emerson created stories para mag-away-away sila. One guy doesn’t even believe na Emerson doesn’t know how to play the ‘game’ of Survivor. Dahil daw nadudulas naman daw si Emerson about knowing some things about the show Survivor. Kawawang Emerson. Parang basa na ang papel niya with his tribemates. O well, we’ll see how good he plays the game in the next few days.

For the reward challenge, medyo mahirap yung pinagawa. Sabagay, maganda rin naman kasi ang reward. The reward is a small piece of metal that’s called a flint. Ikiskis lang nila ang knife nila sa flint, it would create sparks at ayun magkakagawa na rin sila ng fire at last. So gaano nga ba kahirap ang pinagawa? Eight members for each tribe had to compete for the challenge. The challenge can be divided into two parts. The first part is involves the team rowing a boat. The eight tribe members had to bring their boat to the water and row it. They then had to reach the torch also somehwere in the water. Then they’ll use the torch to light up six lotus pods scattered all over the water. After lighting all lotus pods, they can now go into the next phase of the challenge. Before starting the next phase the teams had to dive for the two footstools that they’ll use for the challenge. This part of the challenge involves the team getting two of their members accross the three platforms. Kailangan nila yung footstools para gamiting tulay ng dalawang members nila para makatawid sa platform. Medyo physically demading yung challenge since the people who will be holding the footstolls will have to carry the weight of the footstool and the weight of the girls as they cross the platforms. For the two girls who will be on top of the footsools medyo katakot din naman to be on that height tapos ang support lang naman sa ilalim mo e yung mga teammates mo. Kapag nakatawid na yung two girls sa final platform. The whole tribe has to climb up the platform. The first team na makaakyat ang walong members sa platform wins the challenge. O diba ang hirap?

Since Jarakay has 9 members, one had to sit out. The tribe chose Nikki to sit out for the challenge. On the other side naman, Kiko was instructing his tribemates kung paano magrow. The challenge started out na pantay lang yung both teams. Kaya lang pagdating na sa mga lotus pods, nagkaproblema na yung Naak. They seemed to have some communication problems. Kiko in his own way tried his best na pakinggan siya ng mga tribemates niya. Kaya lang parang hindi naman nakikinig yung iba. At yung iba naman tried intheir own way din na ayusin ang kanilang pamamangka. So ayun, Jarakay had the lead. Nauna sila matapaos sa six lotus pods nila. Naak at that time still was at their fifth pod. Tapos Jarakay had no problems getting their footstools. Nung time naman ng Naak to get their footstools, problema ulit. HInila kasi yung tali kaya humigpit yung pagkakatali sa footstool. Nakuha rin naman nila pero they lost sometime at lalo pa tuloy naglead ang Jarakay. Both teams naman were efficient in transporting their two members from one platform to the other. The girls naman on top were trying to balance habang nasa taas at ‘tumutulay’. Because of the lead established by Jarakay, their girls reached the final platform, even before malipat ng Naak yung two girls nila sa medium platform. The members of Jarakay went up the final platform and Paolo annouced that they won the challenge. Super pagod for both teams, Pero siyempre tuwang-tuwa ang winners. Back to back losses na ito for Naak. Hmmm… ang sama siguro ng feeling kung Naak tribe member ka at that time. Lets’ see na lang kung makakabawi pa sila next time.

Daily Update

Episode 4: No longer Men versus Women

Special thanks to The Amazing Race Asia Season 3, I was jumping from one station to another just to watch both Survivor Philippines and TARA3. Because TARA3 started at 9pm and ended at around 1030pm, I was more absorbed with that than watching episode 4 of Survivor Philippines. But somehow I was still able to manage watching Survivor Philippines and take note of what happened in Thursday nights episode.

Episode 4 of Survivor Philippines showed another twist that changed the complexion of the game this early. The tribes were reorganized putting both males and females on each tribe. The Jarakay and Naak tribes were given their tribe flags. Â Paolo called on Gigit to receive the flag of Jarakay. For Naak it was Zita who got their flag. I guess they were the flag bearers for their tribes because these two are the most senior castaways in their tribes. Then Paolo started caling the names of the castways giving them their survivor bandanas. Becasue I wasn’t watching really intently, I didn’t notice that a reorganization was taking place as Paolo called on the castaways. I really thought Paolo was just giving the bandanas as give aways to the castaways. Later on I realized that the tribes were now coed.

After the re-org Jarakay is now composed of Gigit, Marlon, Patani, Nikki, Vern, Jace, John, Nina, and Charisee. While for the Naak tribe, it now has Kaye, Chev, JC, Cris, Emerson, Zita, Rob, Vevherly, and Kiko.Â

The former Naak members were quite sad. The ladies have formed a bond even if they were only together for two days. But in the end I think it was better for all of them and for all of us viewers. The competition gets better with both tribes getting a better mix of brawn, brains, and ablility as they became coed.Â

After the reorganization, they now had to compete for the immunity challenge. The challenge is composed of two parts, finding the puzzle pieces and the solving the puzzle. The finding part was the more difficult part of the challenge. The tribe will have to carry a carriage with one person inside. When one member of the tribe needs to rest, this member must go back to the starting line and get a replacement for this tribe member. This memebr will then look for his/her teammtes and they can continue their search for the pieces. The puzzle peices will be scattered in an area and will be numbered. The six puzzle pieces must be taken in sequence from 1 to 6. And only the person inside the carriage will be allowed to retrieve the puzzle pieces.Â

Jarakay was first to obtain all 6 puzzle pieces. The 3 d puzzle of a Pagoda was quite difficult to finish whith Jarakay’s puzzle solver having some problems making the peices fit. The Naak tribe then arrived with their puzzle pieces and it was up to their puzzle solver to catch up for her tribe. The solver had difficulty in pulling out one piece from its cover. As she struggled to get the piece out, Jarakay’s puzzle was being checked by Paolo. It was then announced that the winner of the challenge was Jarakay. The Naak members were disappointed. Â The solver cried. She was consoled by her teammates with a group hug. With Naaks loss, they would have to go to tribal council and vote one of their members off the island. This is where survivor gets interesting.