Daily Update

Notes on Day 2 of Survivor Philippines

Episode 2 of Survivor Philippines was much better than the first episode. Although it was uneventful unlike Monday’s episode wherein there was much action because of the swimming and the reward challenge, I enjoyed the show better with less of Paolo Bediones doing the talking. I guess I appreciate this episode  because I got to know more about the castaways and how they interact with each other.

For episode 2, the two tribes didn’t see each other. They had their own problems of making camp, looking for food, and trying ignite a fire. The Naac tribe was successful in gathering food with the tribe members catching some small crabs, and a few oysters.

Being chained in pairs, the girls also had some hard times specially when the chained pair doesn’t agree on what to do. With the case of Nikki and Zita, Nikki wants to lie down and rest while Zita being the industrious labandera that she is, tries to help in creating the tribe’s shelter. Mabuti na lang ZIta understands Nikki. Zita even pointed out that Nikki reminds her of her fourth daughter who’s shy and quiet.Â

I’m not so sure but I’m getting the impression that Nikki is lazy. It’s hard to tell. There’s a lot of work to be done in setting up a camp. Of course they’ll have to fix shelter since they’ll be staying there for the next 39 days. And some girls like Nikki, can’t find within themselves some sort of urgency to at least help out and do something. She maybe trying to conserve her energy since they’re all unsure if they’ll have food to eat but still. It doesn’t take away the fact that there’s a lot of work to be done. The food problem is faced by everyone and they should still somehow be fresh since it was only their second day on the island.Â

And then there’s Patani, the yaya, who is a frustrated Starstruck fan. She entertained her tribe mates with her Starstruck hosting skills. I’m surprised at how articulate this yaya could get. A typical yaya for me would be someone who would be mali-mali and submissive. Patani seems to be a good speaker and she seems to be confident. I’m thinking that she’ll go a long way in the competition.

The last update for the girls would be Taekwondo girl Vern. As an athlete, she’s not used to giving up. She tried lighting up a fire. She tried and tried and failed. She was getting a bit emotional. I guess it really gets frustrating not being able to be successful in dong such an ordinary thing. I think that’s all for the girls.Â

For the guys, the Jaracay tribe, members tried to forage for stuff to make their shelter. They were also looking for food. They found some mushrooms. It wasn’t shown if they ate them but I guess the hesitation of some was already enough for them to think twice since there are a lot of poisonous mushrooms. The guys also discovered the tree mail and the water source. There was also this instance about the water wherein the fat waiter guy, Marlon, suggested they fill a jar of water to their camp. Jace opposed it because he’ll be the one carrying it . Marlon had a nice idea but a bit impractical specially for the one carrying the jar. Finally there’s this scene wherein Marlon, gets frustrated because he feels it’s taking them too long to decide on things. It kind of ticks off most of the tribe members. They were in the middle of a debate/discussion and then there’s Marlon who tries to expedite everything by stating that they should vote on it and majority wins. This early, I think Marlon will get a lot of enemies. If I were part of their tribe, I would try to get rid of him as early as possible. The negativity that stems from him is not really a good presence in any team. What I would have done if I were a Jaracay member was to speak to the others and forget about the immunity challenge. I’ll let the team lose the immunity challenge so we chould vote him out early on.Â

Basta hindi nakakatuwa itong si Marlon. Yun na lang, he may have his reasons but he’s not very likable. What do you think? May favorites and hates na ba ka kayo among the castaways?