Daily Update

Some Comments on Day 1 of Survivor Philippines

The long wait is finally over. Survivor Philippines aired its first episode last Monday night and it was ok. I left from work as soon as I can so I can catch its premiere. I didn’t have high hopes for the show so I wouldn’t be too disappointed. I mean, GMA7 acquired the franchise for Pinoy Idol and it was a disaster. Now, GMA7 has the rights for the pioneer of reality tv shows, Survivor, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if they would also fail my expectations on this one.

The opening credits is just ok. I was expecting to be wowed by it but I wasn’t. It was nice but it wasn’t enough. I guess the music should have been different or something. I was expecting it to be as enticing as watching the opening credits for the international editions of Survivor or of the Amazing Race.

The location is nice. They are in some island Thailand and it’s nice. The sneak peek of Survivor Philippines kind of reminds me of Palawan or Camarines. It’s not that we don’t have nice places here in the country, I guess they decided to hold it outside the country so the castaways would have a harder time psychologically. It still feels better to be stranded and lost somewhere in the Philippines than somewhere else. Right? Also, there’s this place where they held the first reward challenge. The place reminded me of Anawangin in Zambales. Pine trees and the beach.

The casting was ok. I think they have a much better reperesentation of ordinary people in Survivor Philippines that in any other Philippine reality show. I don’t know much about the castaways yet but I like the fact that most of them are blue collar workers. There’s a yaya, labandera, mekaniko, waiter, and a driver. I think did a good job in selecting the castaways. At least I the viewers would have an easier time to relate to them. And most of all, ang mga cataways naman ang magdadala ng show. Kaya good luck sa mga plot at twists na makikita natin sa panonood sa kanila.

As for the host, I think Paolo Bediones was the only suitable choice. I couldn’t think of another host who could fit the bill to be the Jeff Probst of Survivor Philippines. Paolo has hosted a successful reality show before and that should help. However, I’m not so sure about his voice. Specally when he does voice overs.

I guess it’s still too early to judge. But I hope they all do well. That’s all for now. Do you have any comments on Survivor Philippines so far?