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Episode 7: Tools for a fire and some ‘fireworks’

After the reward challenge, Paolo gave the prize (a flint) to the winning team, Jarakay. The Naak tribe members were asked to stay. They were given a chance to take home another item that could help them build a fire. That’s another challenge Naak would have to take and at least another chance to take home something.

The eight Naak tribe members were given one match each. They would have to out the match in their mouth above water and try to not get the match wet. This challenge happened in a deeper part of the waters. When a tribe member is successful in treading the water for fifteen minutes, the tribe would be able to take home the tribe member’s match. Paolo, sat on a boat while monitoring the tribemembers as they treaded the water. If a tribe member can’t tread the water anymore, they would have to go to the boat and hold on. Those holding on the boat are of course out of the challenge.

The Naak tribe members were asked to jump off the boat into the water. The time of 15 minutes start when all tribe members are all in the water. The first two minutes was ok. All tribe members kept floating. After a minute or two, Emerson couldn’t manage and had to hold on to the boat. A few minutes after Rob held on to the boat. The remaining six tribe members continued on with the challenge and didn’t seem to have problems floating. Paolo then had a countdown of the last 15 seconds. He then collected the six matches from the successful Naak tribe members. Paolo checked if the matches did indeed got wet. The matches were dry and the six members were successful with the challenge. And so Naak took home 6 matches. Good for them. At least now they have something to be happy about.

The Naak tribe members got to their camp in the night. The tribe members were preparing to rest when Cris went to Kiko wanting to talk about something. Nainis yata itong si Cris kay Kiko during the reward challenge. Medyo taglish pa nga ang pagkakasabi ni Cris. Pero Cris naman didn’t raise his voice or anything. He was calm, he explained himself and he just said what he felt. What I like about what Cris said is that he rarely comments or says anything pero when he thinks he sees something wrong he won’t be afraid to say something. Para ay Cris may mali siyang nakita kay Kiko during the reward challenge. And yun lang yung point niya. Kiko naman defended himself and didn’t want to take the blame. Kiko even brought up his track record in dragon boat rowing. Three years na pala siyang rower and that they’ve won in international competitions. I guess Cris, being the driver by profession, didn’t like the driving he saw from Kiko during the challenge. I’m not really sure kung sino naman ang dapat iblame for the loss. Pero it was a team challenge and since hindi masyadong maganda yung teamwork na pinakita nila with the challenge, they lost and they lost badly. I’m not so sure if the others care. Si Zita nga just continued trying to make a fire. Ang inisip na lang ni Zita na gutom na lang naman yun. Buti na lang Rob, the loverboy, stepped in and reminded them na they’re one team and fighting wouldn’t do them any good as a team.

At the other tribe, Jarakay, the castaways tried to make use of the flint. Kaya lang since madilim na nahirapan din sila. In someway, may fireworks din dito. Si Marlon the waiter kasi parang nakikialam at ang daming sinasabi. I guess it got to the nerve of the other tribe memebrs especially John. Buti na lang nilabas na lang ni John yung saloobin niya at another time. Tama nga ba si John na puro lang salita itong si Marlon at wala namang gawa. In some way I guess tama siya. Para kasing nagger itong si Marlon. Lalaki pa naman siya. Tignan na lang natin in the next few days kung sino sino pa ang maasar dito kay Marlon. I’m sure meron pang iba. In the end, na-give up na lang sila for the night at bukas na lang daw pag may liwanag na nila itutuloy ang paggawa ng apoy. The next day naman mas madali na for Jarakay to make a fire. Since nakita na nila yung ginagawa nila at tuyo na yung ginamit nila for the fire. The others did their own share of the work by looking for food. Marami naman silang nakita small shells, crabs nung umaga. Upbeat na silang lahat sa Jarakay since makakakain na sila ng lutong kanin at shellfish.

Daily Update

Recap: Day 1 of Survivor Philippines

Survivor usually starts out with the Castaways riding a boat or something to get to where it all happens. In the case of Survivor Philippines, the castaways were on a big boat thinking they were just going for an interview or VTR. Little did they know that they had to jump into the sea and swim to the island. But if you’re a Survivor fan, you wouldn’t be surprised to see things things. Â Paolo Bediones gave the Castaways 30 seconds to jump into the water. With nothing but their clothes on, the castaways started their journey into the island that they will call home for the next 39 days.Â

During all these, the castaways were being introduced. Nine girls and nine guys with different backgrounds all eyeing the same prize of 3 million pesos tax free. Â

Swimming toward the island would prove to be the first challenge for the castaways. A prize awaits the first person to reach the island. Â The first three to get to the island were Jace, Zita, and JC. After the last castaway arrived, Paolo divided the 18 castaways into two tribes. Jaracay and Naac. Jaracay is composed of the male castaways while the Naac tribe memebrs were the female castaways.Â

After forming the two tribes, Paolo announced the first challenge. The tribes had a reward challenge. The winning tribe bags the bamboo and rope which are suitable materials for a camp. The two tribes had to go through an obstacle course. 8 members from each tribe were chained while one was the key keeper. The eight members had to go through the balance beam. Before the key keeper could unlock the first set of chains. The remaining chains locked the 8 members into four locked pairs. The four locked pairs then had to ride a zip line before the key keeper could unlock the pair. The unchained 8 would then have to go thorugh a web of rope where the puzzle pieces are. After all pieces have been retrieved, the key keeper would then have to solve the puzzle. The first team to solve the puzzle wins the reward. The boys blew their lead as they struggled to solve the puzzle. The women almost caught up with the guys as they were solving the puzzle. In the end, the guys went on to solve the puzzle. The losers of the challenge also had a punsihment, they would have to be chained in pairs, just like in the challenge.Â

It was also announced that the prize for the first person to reach the island was that he was getting the better and bigger part of the island. Since Jace arrived first, the boys would get the bigger and better camp. The boys arrived at their camp with the sun already long gone. They decided not to make camp that night because of the darkness. The girls arrived at their camp, beofre the sunset. They looked around to survey for the best camp site possible. It took them long to finally decide on where to place their camp. It was already getting dark as they started building a shelter. They slept under the rain with only rain coats for shelter.Â

At this point I don’t have a favorite yet. Hopefully, within the next few days we get to see more of the personalities of the 18 castaways.