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Recap: Day 1 of Survivor Philippines

Survivor usually starts out with the Castaways riding a boat or something to get to where it all happens. In the case of Survivor Philippines, the castaways were on a big boat thinking they were just going for an interview or VTR. Little did they know that they had to jump into the sea and swim to the island. But if you’re a Survivor fan, you wouldn’t be surprised to see things things. Â Paolo Bediones gave the Castaways 30 seconds to jump into the water. With nothing but their clothes on, the castaways started their journey into the island that they will call home for the next 39 days.Â

During all these, the castaways were being introduced. Nine girls and nine guys with different backgrounds all eyeing the same prize of 3 million pesos tax free. Â

Swimming toward the island would prove to be the first challenge for the castaways. A prize awaits the first person to reach the island. Â The first three to get to the island were Jace, Zita, and JC. After the last castaway arrived, Paolo divided the 18 castaways into two tribes. Jaracay and Naac. Jaracay is composed of the male castaways while the Naac tribe memebrs were the female castaways.Â

After forming the two tribes, Paolo announced the first challenge. The tribes had a reward challenge. The winning tribe bags the bamboo and rope which are suitable materials for a camp. The two tribes had to go through an obstacle course. 8 members from each tribe were chained while one was the key keeper. The eight members had to go through the balance beam. Before the key keeper could unlock the first set of chains. The remaining chains locked the 8 members into four locked pairs. The four locked pairs then had to ride a zip line before the key keeper could unlock the pair. The unchained 8 would then have to go thorugh a web of rope where the puzzle pieces are. After all pieces have been retrieved, the key keeper would then have to solve the puzzle. The first team to solve the puzzle wins the reward. The boys blew their lead as they struggled to solve the puzzle. The women almost caught up with the guys as they were solving the puzzle. In the end, the guys went on to solve the puzzle. The losers of the challenge also had a punsihment, they would have to be chained in pairs, just like in the challenge.Â

It was also announced that the prize for the first person to reach the island was that he was getting the better and bigger part of the island. Since Jace arrived first, the boys would get the bigger and better camp. The boys arrived at their camp with the sun already long gone. They decided not to make camp that night because of the darkness. The girls arrived at their camp, beofre the sunset. They looked around to survey for the best camp site possible. It took them long to finally decide on where to place their camp. It was already getting dark as they started building a shelter. They slept under the rain with only rain coats for shelter.Â

At this point I don’t have a favorite yet. Hopefully, within the next few days we get to see more of the personalities of the 18 castaways.